MAM! Records Argus Show recap: 6 videos

So, the shindig at Argus last night went really well.  Weather Duo, Pushmi-Pullyu, and (introducing) Nasty Thom & The Dirty Husbands all did their thing.  Check it out:

First up, Weather Duo filled the room up with swelling, chirping, gadgets+strings.  Video artist Anna V dressed the walls.

I got to do my thing next.

The videos don’t look like much, but I hope you can hear the musicking I was up to: As I looped and layered guitar parts, I played drums along with the loop.  At the end of my set, Abe Rubenstein joined me onstage to drum!  Thanks Abe.

And then Pushmi-Pullyu killed it.
Thanks again to John and Corey for setting up these Argus shows!  Keep your eyes and ears open for more upcoming collaborations and shows.

Good times had by all, thanks for coming out if you did, and if you didn’t…come see us next time!


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2 Responses to MAM! Records Argus Show recap: 6 videos

  1. Joe Kreye says:

    I think you should do this kind of thing more often. But that’s me :) I also played all 3 clips at the same time, although slightly out of sync (I let the 3rd clip play for about a minute before starting the 2nd and let that play a few seconds before starting the 1st). Trippy! And no, I was completely sober.

    • tjteslik says:

      Haha, I’ll have to try. Thanks again! I think throughout the year I’ll get to keep doing little experimental things like that. Hopefully. So come get a beer the next time I do!

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