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Winter Light is Brilliant. And so is the Daily Show.

Happy Friday, everybody!  I’ve got two fun goodies for all’a y’all to get your weekend off to a nice start. 1. Winter Light is Brilliant: First up is this old mp3 I found.  This was recorded about two years ago … Continue reading

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How I spent my Winter Vacation: what’s been going on this last month or so!

Howdy y’all!  It feels like forever since I’ve done a bonafide post, so it’s my pleasure to let you know that it’s finally time to check in and give you details of what I’ve been up to the past month … Continue reading

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Two pics from behind drum kits this past week.

#1 – Jason and I practicing last week for our show at Mickey’s #2 – Recording with Alec and Shawn on MLK day

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My favorite piece on the AZ tragedy so far.

Aurelie Sheehan, the director of the creative writing program at the University of Arizona, wrote this op-ed, “Sweet Home Arizona,” for the Times yesterday. There’s simply a lot of crazy stuff going on in Arizona lately (Ahem), not too mention … Continue reading

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