Record Store Day + poster-single success. Plus: 3 SHOWS this weekend!

Howdy once again internet world,

Well, this weekend was Record Store Day and I had a great time busking on my harmonium at Madcity Music Exchange!  I’ll post some pictures at some point.  It was a unique set doing just voice and harmonium versions of all my tunes, I think some of the songs sounded really cool in that format.  I played at 11am and then spent the rest of the afternoon browsing in the store and hanging out next door at the nutty bar.  My friend Mark was in town (with his fun dog, Sassy Jo) and we hung out with Ben and Sandra at the bar and had a bloody.  It was a good time seeing those friends.  Ben is moving off to begin a research job and then grad school in California, so the moments together are ever so precious.  We’ll miss you Ben!  B-)  (Hatching future West Coast tour plans now…)

This Record Store Day was also special because I released two new songs, All Around & Go Anywhere, in the unique format of a poster-single.  Months ago I made plans to record these 2 songs and release them as a 7″ for Record Store Day but then I realized I’d rather save the $800 it costs to press 100 of those and put it towards a full LP someday, and plus I was not going to have recordings in time to do test pressings etc, let alone I don’t know how to master for vinyl.  So I came up with this cool idea instead to release the single as a digital download, which I would put on the back of a Happy Record Store Day poster that I’d have my friend draw.  I love how these poster-singles turned out!  Look!


My friend Claire Warhus aka Snaggle Tooth did the artwork.  She’s one of the raddest people I know.  She co-runs Crucial Twat pro-femme events and zine and does most of the art for Wisco fliers, which are honest to god works of treasure every time.  I was not able to screenprint these posters in time for RSD, but I plan to make a screen soon.  For this first run I had 100 posters printed on 11×17 70 lb matte paper and I handnumbered and signed each one.  As I write this there are 76 posters remaining.  If you want to get one you can purchase the $5 download through my bandcamp which comes with a poster mailed to you.  Or come to a show soon and buy one in person!  (See below)

I hope you listen to the single though no matter what.  I consider these songs as-done-as-I-could-get-them-in-time-for-Record-Store-Day.  Who knows maybe I’ll end up re-recording these someday, or remixing or remastering these ones.  I do like how they turned out though even with the few blemishes I left in.  All Around is a glossy garage rocker and Go Anywhere is a guitar trip slowburner.  Feel free to email any feedback to me at : )

I am playing these upcoming shows this weekend that I’m really excited about.  Check these out…

Thursday – On An On/Sat Nite Duets/Heavy Looks at Regent Street Retreat.  8pm, $10.  Heavy Looks is the new power pop band that I play casiotone in! It’s very fun. I’m stoked we get to play with Sat. Nite Duets! Demos here.
Friday – TT & the Night Owls/Quiet Hollers/Fluorescent Pig at Mickey’s.  10pm, FREE.  This is my first show with the Night Owls, my new backing band consisting of Eric, TJ, and Cole!  We’ve been sounding really good, I can’t wait to play.  We’re joined by Quiet Hollers from Louisville Kentucky who I met in the Fall and are on tour!  It’s gonna be a great night.
Sunday – Asumaya/Czech Mate at Broom Street Theater.  8pm, $5.  Then on Sunday I am playing as Czech Mate at the Arts Extract Podcast’s Broom Street Theater Sessions.  I was honored to get asked and feel privileged to play!  It’s gonna be fun, Asumaya (Luke Bassaneur from Control’s solo rhythm-centric 1-man-band project) is incredible.  This is my first Czech Mate performance in almost a year.

So much more good stuff on the horizon, stay tuned.  Come out to a show!  Get a poster-single!

Til we meet again,

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