Here are links to all the music I’ve made since about 2007.
I write, record, and release music under my own name.  It’s indie pop rock stuff.  Been at it since ’06.
I play guitar in this experimental band, headed up by Mine All Mine Records’ John Kruse.  I think we’re really good!  People have said we sound like a Portishead or Bjork kind of thing.  Whoa!
My college band from Madison, WI.  We were around from 2007-2011. I played guitar, bass, and sang.  We wrote and recorded an album that felt like a big deal to me back in 2009/2010!  Still pretty solid.  Check out “Repeat Offender” and “Supercharged.”
I was a member of Jason E. Lambeth’s main musical project from 2009-2011.  I played drums and sang.  We recorded a great album together in Summer 2010 called Sunburned Skeptics.  Listen to it!
This is my high school band.  Me and my best friends at the time, Luke and Zach, formed a band in 9th grade, then later added our pal Jeremy Suman who became my main man for life.  We reunited in Summer 2009 to record a badass little EP.  Check it, don’t wreck it.
This was one of the most fun side projects I’ve ever been a part of.  Jeremy and I formed a band called Space Race and released this split with our best buds Ian Lambach and Steve Maule, a.k.a. Is World.  It was super fun to record, and you can hear that throughout the whole thing.  Plus: Daniel Johnston cover!


Also visit the Video page at the top to watch a lot of live clips and more!


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